Developer and supplier of interior equipment, bodywork, and plastic parts for vehicles


SIA Industrie

As a manufacturer and subcontractor for the automotive and industrial sectors for more than 40 years, SIA Industrie has developed recognised expertise in thermoforming, thermocompression and industrial upholstery.

Our additional skills and our capacity for development allow us to offer our clients multi-disciplinary techniques and basic parts.

Supplier to manufacturers and outfitters

SIA Industrie designs and produces features and components for the major manufacturers as well as for the small manufacturers of the automotive, HGV, and industrial sectors.

The flexibility of an SME with the power of a group

Located near Le Mans, SIA Industrie employs 70 people. It is part of the PlastiWell Group. We are specialised in the provision of small and medium-sized batches. Here is what we can offer our customers:

  • Innovative technical solutions
  • Our ability to develop complex projects in a short time
  • Our flexibility and responsiveness
  • Our financial stability and our ability to invest

Use of multiple techniques combined with great development capabilities and an innovation strategy

Our additional skills and our capacity for development allow SIA Industrie to offer its customers complex features or basic parts. We know how to make the best possible use of CAD, calculation and simulation software to make a design with the lowest possible costs in the best possible time.


Plastiwell Group


The Plastiwell group is an industrial group focusing on the plastics industry (plastic injection, thermoforming, thermocompression).

The Plastiwell Group comprises ten production sites (two in Poland and eight in France) and approximately 1300 employees.

The skills and expertise of the group make it possible for use to position ourselves as a supplier of comprehensive features. As supplier, the group is involved in the following sectors:

  • Cars
  • HGVs
  • Electrical appliances
  • Industry
  • Sport and leisure

► The historic building

Le Mans Factory

The factory where SIA Industrie was situated until summer 2016 housed various activities

More than a century of multiple and varied productions

The main building of the factory was constructed in October 1905 by the company Pérol et Sadrin with the help a a new procedure using reinforced concrete known as the Hennebique system. A little anecdote: it is still the name of Sadrin and Rapin that we can see on the vehicles of the masons who come to patch up the factory today. As the factory was becoming obsolete, it became impossible to have a real industrial approach to the management of workflows and organisation. This is why SIA Industrie bought the Brose building in 2016. The move took place in summer 2016.

► The new factory at La Suze-sur-Sarthe

Suze Factory

A new impetus with reunification!

A functional building for more productivity

Production was made difficult by the dilapidated historic building. In addition, the automated line for the manufacture of sleeper cabs for HGVs was located in a different building, two kilometres from the historic site. Acquisition of and relocation to the new plant allows all activities to be grouped together at the same address. The installation of the machines is reviewed and the organisation of production is modified. This new location marks a real turning point for SIA Industrie.

► The names of the company over the years

  • 1829 ► ≈1930: Pelliers Frères
  • ≈1930 ► 1980: L'Angevinière
  • 1981 ► 1982: SIAJE
  • 1983 ► 1985: SIA
  • 1986 ► 2003: SIA Dumoutier
  • 2004 ► Present: SIA Industrie

► Activities

Le Mans Factory

The cannery

The company Pelliers Frères started a cannery business in Le Mans in 1829 and also started the construction of the factory. The company already had many other canneries on the Atlantic coast. The Le Mans factory was a vegetable cannery because many produce growers were located in the surrounding area. The canning activity stopped around 1930.

Gas masks

The Luchaire company, specialised in the manufacture of gas masks for the Ministry of National Defence, then took possession of the premises. Looms were installed. The company l'Angeviniere was born.

Flexible materials

The manufacture of gas masks having developed our skills in flexible materials, SIA then oriented itself towards the automotive sector, manufacturing convertible tops and seat covers. SIA also manufactured inflatable boats of the brand Bombard-l'Angevinière, as well as clothing for the army. It was also for the army that SIA manufactured heavy plastic helmets. It was in the late 1970s that SIA ventured into compression thermoforming to make floor carpets. In 1980, Zodiac bought the Bombard-l'Angevinière business, Renault withdrew the manufacture of seat covers, the manufacture of clothing was subcontracted, and the manufacture of under-helmet caps was stopped.

The Plastics Industry

It was in 1990 that SIA ventured into vacuum forming. SIA has also manufactured clothing under the Bermudes brand. This business was sold off in 2000. The first contact with Renault Trucks was made in 1989 for the manufacture of wardrobes using thermocompression.

What we do now

This long history has developed expertise in a variety of areas that has guided SIA Industrie in our chosen fields. Our current activities are divided up into three main areas:

  • Upholstery / interior trim / assembly
  • Vacuum thermoforming
  • Thermocompression

► Notable productions

  • 1955: Citroën 2CV - Upholstery / glueing ► Convertible top

  • 1960: Bombard - Glueing ► Boats

  • 1968: Citroën Méhari - Upholstery / HF welding ► Convertible top

  • 1977: Bermudes - Tailoring ► Clothes (until 2001)

  • 1978: Renault R5 - Compression / hot forming ► Rug and front of vehicle

  • 1982: Citroën Visa - Upholstery / HF welding ► Convertible top

  • 1989: Renault Magnum AE - Compression / Upholstery ► Wardrobe

  • 1990: Nautyl - HF welding / sheet metal work ► Pools and accessories

  • 1995: Mercedes Vito - Thermoforming ► Interior trim

  • 1996: Châtenet - Thermoforming ► Body

  • 1980 ► 2003: Renault Espace ► Upholstery / Compression

  • 2006: Sicma Aeroseat - Thermoforming ► Seat components

  • 2007: Hillrom - Thermoforming ► Medical furniture components

  • 2008: Cellulo - Thermoforming ► Body

  • 2013: Renault Trucks T series - Upholstery / Compression ► Sleeper cabs

  • 2014: Manitou - Thermoforming ► Bonnet

  • 2015: Bolloré BlueSummer - Thermoforming / Upholstery ► Body and convertible top

  • 2016: Citroën e-Méhari - Thermoforming / Upholstery ► Body and convertible top

Video: what we do